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The AHDB Potatoes Grower Panel is a key group of growers who give information on seed use, yields, stocks and sales from selected fields under their management. The data is used to provide crucial national crop statistics on production, such as the national supply of potatoes, lifting progress and planting progress.
Completion of the crop data survey form normally take less than 30 minutes. In addition there is also a stocks survey form to be completed, bi-monthly between November and May, which should take no more than 15 minutes. As a final part of the Grower Panel Survey you may be asked to participate in telephone surveys relative to your potato crop. These are timed at key periods in the season and do not need more than five minutes of your time.
Contributors will receive £100 once all the required data has been received. Enrolment is subject to submission of your Planting Return by the end of July. A random selection will be made from your list of fields and your survey participation is then confirmed by mid-August.
To join the survey, please complete all details opposite.

For further information please contact us by email at sara.maslowski@ahdb.org.uk or telephone +44 2476 692 051.


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